Art of Listening create art projects, workshops, dialogues & processes.

The focus of our work is on the subtle structures of reality that become visible when we cultivate the art of listening in action.

(This work shares) the fullness of things, the improbability of life and the miracle of creation. Ungraspable magnitudes, appear both concretely and metaphorically before us, between us, or within us ...

(It is) a form of practiced phenomenology.

Thomas Rosendal Nielsen, Professor and Head of Department, Dramaturgy and Musicology, University of Aarhus.


It is a common philosophical observation that the most elementary phenomena of our existence, are the last and most difficult to become aware of.

( K.E. Løgstrup, Philosopher)

The focus of our work is on the subtle structures of reality that becomes apparent when we cultivate the art of listening in action.

Again and again we hear that in order to solve the complex challenges we are facing – at a personal, local and global scale – we need to come together. To collaborate. To integrate.

We all know this in theory – but in practice it can be very challenging to actually do.  How can we use our individual freedom and creativity to create new shared structures? Structures that are conscious, responsible, courageous and wise?

We argue that when we embrace a larger perspective of life, time and space, the realization and experience of interconnectedness tells us something important about reality. We believe that the most powerful, hopeful and joyful ways to confront the future lie there.


Our work has 3 main approaches:

Phenomenological: We examine different aspects of reality from the point of view of an embodied human experience.

Philosophical: We are more curious about questions than answers

Aesthetic: Our work is grounded in participatory, sensorial and immersive art practices.

Our work has 3 main objectives:

Bigger Reality: To place our unique, individual experience within the bigger time and space reality of an unfolding universe.

Collective Intelligence: To understand and develop new, more complex ways of working together that are dynamic, creative and conscious.

Human Meetings: To understand the subtle ways in which culture is created through human encounters.

Our work has 4 Cardinal Virtues

Curiosity, Lightness, Generosity & Response-ability


As accomplished professional artists, working with immersive performing arts for 15+ years we have specialized in and developed aesthetic tools that allow people to experience and investigate new vantage points and multiple perspectives.

We work collaboratively, across sectors, with both individuals and institutions. Our work has grown out of collaborations with architects, philosophers, culture workers, priests, city planners, communities, schools, libraries and museums.

Sara Topsøe-Jensen

Sara has been the Artistic Leader of Carte Blanche for over 15 years. She makes performances and installations, leads creative processes and dialogues.

Sarah John

Originally from Australia, Sarah works as a maker, performer, designer and facilitator of creative processes. She is the Artistic Partner at Carte Blanche.

Art of Listening is a new project from the Danish performance company Carte Blanche. It has been created as an action squad to understand how the aesthetic, poetic and philosophical approach developed by Carte Blanche over its 15+ year history, can have relevance and impact beyond a strict ‘theatre’ or even ‘arts’ context.

Art of Listening is committed to find new ways, new structures, new value systems which inspire us, collectively, to do better!  We aim to create the conditions in which we do not stand apart from the world – but recognize that we are it!!

To see more Carte Blanche projects, please visit: cblanche.dk


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