As accomplished professional artists, working with immersive performing arts for 15+ years we have specialized in and developed aesthetic tools that allow people to see reality from a bigger perspective and engage with a greater sense of meaning and connectedness.

We work collaboratively, across sectors, with both individuals and institutions. Our work has grown out of collaborations with architects, philosophers, culture workers, priests, city planners, communities, schools, libraries and museums.

Sara Topsøe-Jensen

Sara makes performances and installations, leads creative processes and dialogues. She is Artistic Leader of CB 2.0 : Art of Listening together with Sarah John.

Sarah John

Sarah works as a director, performer and leader of creative processes. She is Artistic Leader of CB 2.0 : Art of Listening together with Sara Topsøe-Jensen.

Art of Listening is an action squad to understand how the aesthetic, poetic and philosophical approach developed by Carte Blanche over its 15+ year history, can have relevance and impact beyond a strict ‘theatre’ or even ‘arts’ context.
Art of Listening is committed to find new ways, new structures, new value systems which inspire us, collectively, to do better!  We aim to create the conditions in which we do not stand apart from the world – but recognize that we are it!!
To read about Carte Blanche, please visit: https://www.cblanche.dk/arkiv/