3 mini-podcasts to experience connection in a time of social distancing.

In the light of the Corona situation we would like to share 3 artistic experiments on connectivity.

These short audio experiences are part of an artistic research into adapting the immersive performance language of Carte Blanche for the podcast format. They are an exploration of intimacy and connection within the human experience.

The podcasts are all in English.

Unlike a regular podcast, these mini-podcasts require your active participation – they are not just podcasts you listen to, but podcasts you do!

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The podcasts have been developed by the team behind Carte Blanche’s performance Forever and Ever, which used live audio technology. While working with the audio format we fell in love with the quality of intimacy it offered – it seemed we could almost crawl into the audience’s ears, whispering directly to each person, even when we were physically very far away. This lead us to wonder if the poetic, sensorial experiences we try to create in performances, could be translated for a podcast format.

Creative Team: David Jensen, Sarah John, Sigrid Moses-Jacobsen, Sara Topsøe-Jensen & Liv Vesterskov.