The Bonfire Project

A BONFIRE is a place to gather, share meaningful meetings & keep hope alive ...

The BONFIRE Project is a cross-aesthetic, multi-platform, international listening project for young people. The project was supported by Kunstfonden and Den Jyske Kunstfond.

You can follow the project here.

Overview of episodes:

MARCH 9, 19:00(cet) EP.1, Online. Theme: Attention
MARCH 16, 19:00(cet) EP.2, Viborg. Theme: Loneliness
MARCH 21, 19:00(cet) EP.3, Thy. Theme: Reality
MARCH  30, 17:00(cet) EP.4, Online. Theme: Time
APRIL 4, 19:00(cet) EP.5, Online. Theme: Listening
APRIL 13, 19:30(cet) EP.6, Online + Aalborg . Theme: Hope
APRIL 20, 19:00(cet) EP.7, Online + Struer. Theme: Connection
APRIL 27, 19:00(cet) EP.8, Online + Aarhus. Theme: Existence

And the BONFIRE is still burning …

Each episode of The BONFIRE Project is available as a 1-2 hour event which can be booked by schools, culture houses, community groups and festivals.


David Jensen, Sarah John & Sara Topsøe-Jensen                   

Composition & Sound Design by Krishve

Graphics & Website by Sonja Winkelmann Thomsen

Guest Artists: Thit Bitsch, Gustav Lilleør & Löwy

Project Partners: Teaterhuset Filuren, UMMK, Projekt Vækslag, Den Frivillige Hus – Viborg, Struer Museum & HF Imagine.