The Bonfire Project

A collective listening project in 8 episodes.  

Once a week an international group of young people meet around the bonfire – to chat, listen to a participatory audio and share thoughts …

Each episode takes place as a live event (online and offline) and opens a different theme for exploration:

EPISODE 1 – Microscope: The Attention Economy

EPISODE 2 – Being (T)here: Human Meetings

EPISODE 3 – Are you here? : Reality

EPISODE 4 – Into the Future : The Future

EPISODE 5 – Inside : Aliveness

EPISODE 6 – Hope : Hope

EPISODE 7 – Alone Together : Connection

EPISODE 8 – Up & Down: Identity

You can follow the project here.


David Jensen, Sarah John & Sara Topsøe-Jensen                   

Sound by Krishve

Website by Sonja Winkelmann Thomsen