Listening to the Infinite

A series of conversations exploring the nature and experience of that which is infinite.

If reality cannot merely be reduced to cognitive thinking and material processes; If reality is in fact founded in and of something essential, transrational, infinite – something we might call consciousness or spirit or love or a life force or … something else entirely – what does this say about who and how we are in the world?

How do we experience and recognize the transrational and transcendent? How do we describe it? How do we share it with each other? How can we create a contemporary language that is grounded in our deepest existential realizations? And, why is it essential for the development of our post-modern culture to include this existential dimension of reality in our conversations?

This project takes its starting point in such questions. At the same time, it is also a research into working with dialogue as a creative, emergent sense-making process. While most of our daily conversations maintain a fundamentally dualistic worldview – a subtle dichotomy of thesis and antithesis, you and me, us and them – we aim to explore modes of conversation that allow participants to move together to a point of synthesis or non-duality, from which higher perspective-taking and deeper understandings are possible.

Conversations so far:

  • Finn Thorbjørn Hansen, ph.d., Wonderlab, Department of Communication at Aalborg University.
  • Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Philosopher and Professor Emeritus, Copenhagen Business School.
  • Steen Hildebrandt, Professor of Organization/Management theory, Copenhagen Business School.
  • Charlotte Rørth, Journalist and writer.
  • Louise Højlund, Priest.
  • More to come…