If there is something that we have forgotten in these times, it is to wonder, therefore also to believe and to hope and to love.

(Søren Kierkegaard)

This seminar is the culmination of a two year research project between Finn Thorbjørn Hansen and Carte Blanche that has been supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

This research has focused on the phenomenon of wonder as an elementary principle within artistic and philosophic processes.

What is wonder? What is the connection between wonder and creativity? Between wonder and innovation? Is there a difference between the sensory wonder of art and the existential wonder of philosophy?  And what happens when these two meet?

Throughout this research, Finn Thorbjørn Hansen has challenged the conscious and unconscious methodologies and forms of wonder utilised by Carte Blanche. And Carte Blanche’s artistic approach has challenged and inspired
new insights with Finn’s philosophical practice.

This seminar will present the findings and further questions that this research has given rise to. The seminar will focus on wonder-based approaches which are relevant beyond artistic and academic circles. Therefore this presentation will be interesting to anyone who strives to work unconventionally, from a place of curiosity and in ways that aim to re-enchant the world and our way of being in it.

Practical Information


Aalborg University Campus

date & time

February, 2021 (date to come)