RadioPoem 2.0

An imperfect, collective, playful and unfinished laboratory!

RADIOPOEM is a growing collection of homemade, poetic, audio explorations that have been recorded spontaneously, on the spot, with our smartphones. They are experiments which play with different relationships to reality.

RADIOPOEM began as a kind of game between us: when one of us got an idea, we sent out a task or question to the others. Within a week we all responded with a short audio or RADIOPOEM.

We have fallen in love with the imperfection and vulnerability of this unprepared, unrefined exploration. It is about a joyful sharing and testing new ways of looking at and being in the world, than composing and refining a perfect artistic experience.

We would like to invite you into this imperfect, collective, playful and unfinished laboratory!

You are invited to join for free. In return we ask you TO REALLY JOIN IN our exploration by following the instructions for each piece and setting aside the time and focus to REALLY experience it – rather than just consume it. Thank you!

Would you like to receive these experiments hot-off-the-press, as we make them?

We send out RADIOPOEM once a month via a WhatsApp thread. To join please send your name and phone number to:

RADIOPOEM 2.0 is made by David Jensen, Sara Topsøe-Jensen and Sarah John. With sound by BandAne.