The Future

Watch this space!
Workshops coming soon!

These workshops will be dynamic, existential and experiential investigations.


what people said about past workshops

(This work) has taught me so many great things about interactions, relations, meetings, conversations, curiosity, sense of self and others and much, much more. It is such important work and it changes the way I understand the interactions going on around me and that I am a part of.


wilderness guide

Overall (the work) was about investigating different ways of igniting and training the ability to stay curious even when conclusions seem enticing – allowing curiosity be an inspiration in how we perceive and act in the world around us. THANK YOU for two weeks filled with wonder.


Director at student & innovation house

(The work) gave us some hours in communion with intuition – bringing us in touch with playfulness, trust, fear and the sensuous feeling of being present, together, in a space where there was only sensation and sensing.