The Future

What does cultural development look like if it is not for us, but for generations to come?

This workshop will be a dynamic, existential and experiential investigation.

We argue that when we embrace a larger perspective on life, time and space, the realization and experience of interconnectedness tells us something important about reality. We believe that the most powerful, hopeful and joyful ways to confront the future lie there.

This workshop will explore how this position can be expressed and experienced through collaborative, creative processes.

about this workshop

Through a facilitated process of aesthetic experiences, physical exercises and reflective dialogue we will:

  • Explore the impersonal nature of creativity and curiosity as inherent expressions of life itself.
  • Investigate the power of curiosity and response-ability within a collective context.
  • Create and share experiences which explore different perspectives on reality within a phenomenological framework.
  • Introduce cultural frameworks that map the complexity of culture and consciousness.
  • Investigate different personal, cultural and existential perspectives of reality.

What do we ask from you?

  • That you bring your deepest hope, your strongest longing and your most utopian idealism.
  • That you are more interested in what you don’t already know, than in all the things you already know.
  • That you leave your personal narrative, accomplishments and history behind.

This workshop is NOT focused on :

  • Personal development.
  • Implementing tools within current structures and systems.

what people say

(This work) has taught me so many great things about interactions, relations, meetings, conversations, curiosity, sense of self and others and much, much more. It is such important work and it changes the way I understand the interactions going on around me and that I am a part of.


wilderness guide

Overall (the work) was about investigating different ways of igniting and training the ability to stay curious even when conclusions seem enticing – allowing curiosity be an inspiration in how we perceive and act in the world around us. THANK YOU for two weeks filled with wonder.


Director at student & innovation house

(The work) gave us some hours in communion with intuition – bringing us in touch with playfulness, trust, fear and the sensuous feeling of being present, together, in a space where there was only sensation and sensing.



About Us

As accomplished professional artists, working with immersive performing arts for 15+ years we have specialized in and developed aesthetic tools that allow people to experience and investigate new vantage points and multiple perspectives. Our focus is on the subtle structures of reality that become apparent when we cultivate the art of listening, in action.

We work collaboratively, across sectors, with both individuals and institutions. Our work has grown out of collaborations with architects, philosophers, culture workers, priests, city planners, communities, schools, libraries and museums.

Sara Topsøe-Jensen
Process leader

Sara Topsøe-Jensen

Artistic Director of Carte Blanche

Sarah John
Process Leader

Sarah John

Artistic Partner at Carte Blanche



The workshop runs from Thursday Dec 3rd at 8pm to Sunday Dec 6th at 6pm. It is essential that all participants are present for the full length of the workshop.


Carte Blanche Ammunitionsvej 4 Viborg, Denmark


€ 390 (not including food and accommodation)


Places to stay within walking distance:

There is also very basic, free accommodation at Carte Blanche. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in.


Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided throughout the workshop. At an additional cost, vegan meals – lunch and dinner – can be provided.

Alternatively, there is a kitchen available where you can prepare your own meals.

Getting Here

  • From Copenhagen there are hourly trains and buses (approx 4 ½ hours).
  • From Billund airport there are hourly trains and buses (approx 1.5-3 hours).

You can also fly to the nearby airport (25 min from Viborg) Midtjyllands lufthavn from Copenhagen. Let us know if you come via Midtjyllands lufthavn as it is necessary to arrange a special taxi to collect you from this airport.


This workshop has a limited number of places. If you would like to attend please write us with your cv, a photograph and a short note telling us about your passion and why you would like to join:

For updates and information just get in touch!